Swim Spa Compare & Select

Swim Spa Compare & Select
Swim Spa Compare & Select

$799 Per Year Annual Renewal

ClearFund™ Program Approved – Eligible for Reimbursement or Direct Pay for ClearCare® Dealers

Our Swim Spa Compare & Select pages are the BEST way for your customers to virtually browse, compare and select their favorite swim spas from the models that you sell.


  • Customers can virtually browse your line of swim spas
  • Easy to sort filters such as brand, spa type, style, length and capacity
  • Compare features and choose factory and dealer installed options as well as accessories
  • All of this information along with the user’s contact information will be sent to your sales team


  • Automatically qualify, capture, and convert leads through your website
  • Give your sales team the information they need to close the deal
  • Enable website visitors to compare models and select the options and accessories they want
  • Upsell and cross-sell your products automatically
Model Comparison