Interactive Product Catalogs

$449.00 / year

Digital catalogs showcase Innovative Water Care products and
promotions with an easy install on your website –
no time-consuming web coding required.


ClearFund™ Reimburse or Direct Pay Approved!

Embed these digital catalogs into your website to inform your customers about the amazing product lines available in your store. Choose between poolife®, BAQUACIL®, BAQUA Spa®, Brilliance® for spas, Leisure Time® or All ! Each iframe behaves as a new miniature website placed on the Products page of your existing site, and includes the following:

  • Rotating banner with marketing promotions
  • Information about why your customers should choose Innovative Water Care products
  • Access to your complete product line with product features, specifications, compatibility, advantages, tips and much more!

Put your best foot forward and help potential customers learn about your store and water care products with a minimal investment and fast turn-around time. Most product catalog pages are inserted and complete within ten working days from purchase.

If you don't have the time or resources to rebuild your entire website, this is the best option to keep your business competitive online. That's why our product catalog subscription is ClearFund™ reimbursement approved!

Q: Is the Enhanced Listing mobile-friendly?

Yes, the Embedded Mini-Website is mobile friendly for mobile phone and tablet users.

Q. What if my website is 10 years old?

Please provide any login information you have, and if we are unable to access your website with the information provided we will contact you for further instruction.

Q. How can I tell if I have a WordPress, Joomla, or other Content Management System (CMS) site?

Most modern websites include a user-friendly back-end where company members can manage the text on some pages, or manage their blog. If you use a username and password to log-in to a section of your website, it is very likely that you have a CMS site. Please provide any login information you have, and we will contact you if we need additional information.