Stabilized Chlorinators (orange lids)

poolife® stabilized chlorinators (orange lids) help keep the pool water sparkling clean with 3” tablets, 1” tablets and sticks for use in automatic chlorinators, skimmers, feeders and floaters. These trichlor-based products dissolve slowly for continuous chlorination. The granular stabilized products keep your pool clean and dissolve instantly for quick results. Stabilized chlorinators are sun protected to extend the life of the chlorine in your pool water. The poolife®MPT Extra 3″ Chlorinating Tablets sanitize, prevent algae, clarify and soften pool water – all in one!

Chlorinators (yellow lids)

Our exclusive line of chlorinators (yellow lids) help you ensure that its beauty is easily maintained. poolife®chlorinators are calcium hypochlorite based and designed to effectively guard against bacteria, algae and other contaminants. poolife® chlorinators are available in caplet and granular forms. The granular chlorinator products dissolve quickly, chlorinate with fast results and will NOT cause overstabilization – even with prolonged use. There is no need to pre-dissolve poolife® granular chlorinators before use. The caplets have been designed for use in skimmers and dissolve slowly for continuous chlorination. Always read product label directions before use.

poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplets Chlorinator

Convenient and easy to use, poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplets Chlorinator is for use in your pool skimmer. The unstabilized caplets are wrapped in plastic so you never have to touch the chlorine. Although identical in chemical composition to poolife® Active Cleaning® Granules Chlorinator, the unique shape and plastic wrap of poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplets Chlorinator provides convenient long-lasting routine chlorination (2 – 5 days, depending upon water conditions). poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplets Chlorinator is the first step in the 3-step proprietary poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplet System.


5.65 LBS

24.5 LBS

How to Use for Start Up

For best results always Balance water prior to treatment. For Startup first adjust pH to 7.2-7.6 range, then follow shock treatment directions on the package. Then, if your pool is unstabilized begin by add 3 caplets per 10,000. For Stabilized Pools add 1 caplet per 10,000.

How to Use for Maintenance Dose

After 1 day use a test kit to check the free available chlorine. Increase or decrease the number of caplets to maintain a free available chlorine residual of 1-4 ppm.

Compatible With

Can be used with all chlorine based systems. Directly compatible only with other Calcium hypochlorite sanitizers or shocks


May be used instead of 3 inch tablets to prevent overstabilization of water, plastic sleeve allow you to pick up caplet without touching the product. Will not lower pH

Useful Tips

  • When using caplets, place only in the skimmer. Do not remove the plastic wrap before placing in the skimmer.
  • Each caplet weighs 10.5 ounces.
  • Ensure your filtration system operates at least 10 hours per day during summer.
  • Use your poolife® 6-Way Test Strips to test the chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week.