Next Steps!

Thank you for signing up for Solenis Google Ads Campaign.

Please gather the requested information and complete this form before the scheduled Zoom meeting.

If you have any questions regarding the items below please reach out to us we are happy to assist you.

For each store location, we will need:

  • Store’s Name
  • Store’s full address
  • Email notifications: Please supply the email address that is to receive the lead. We will create an email form for you with a Thank you page leading to the rebate information.
  • Text Notifications:  If you have text messaging set up within your organization and wish a lead to text you, please supply the phone number.
  • Phone Leads: If you wish a lead to phone you, please supply the phone number.
  • Directions: Please supply the link to your Google My Business store location
  • Website hosting:  We will need user/password access to your website hosting (Godaddy user/password for example). This will allow us to upload your dedicated landing page, add a tracking code,  create a contact form, and thank you landing page with the rebate offer with redemption instructions.